The Big One (Pictorial #1)

770 notes (8 feet long) demonstrated in Michigan, Detroit 1932 Left - 320 notes (41 inches long) designed for duets on display Michigan Illinois 1938 and Right - Ah ha! That’s what’s going on. A Blue Bird (F A Bohm) built for two. 1938 - Two more sharing a Blue Bird (F A Bohm) The … Continue reading The Big One (Pictorial #1)

Cartoons & Caricatures #12 – Whoop Whoop

The Whoop Whoop School Band Reading from left to right: On the ladder, taking a top note, Charlie Cheapnut, mouth organ; Franz O. Mehod, Euphonium and Snake; Dough Nutt, Esq. (conductor); Chris Cross, solo mouth organ; Tim Pippin, solo soprano tin whistle; Bob Marino, solo concertina; Freddy Turnipseed, big drum and cymbals; Tom Tootle, flute; … Continue reading Cartoons & Caricatures #12 – Whoop Whoop

Big Brother

World Chromatic authority (and collector) Mark Weber has managed to obtain the Boomerang Grand Chromorgan (12 hole - 3 Octaves) produced by Swiss manufacturer Thorens. You may remember that I unearthed the ten hole little brother a few months ago - see Suisse Piece. If you haven’t checked out Mark’s blog, then you should do … Continue reading Big Brother

Hedley Does A Runner.

Adam's Apple' Bagpipes. — The stirring air 'Cock o' the North' rang through the police barracks in Melbourne last Saturday morning. Police clerks dropped their pens, and some shouted their disapproval of the music. One constable jumped from his desk declaring that he could not add up his figures while the screeching of the bagpipes … Continue reading Hedley Does A Runner.

Walking On Air

Very interesting (but not very practical) mouth organs. Koch eight hole mouth organs in the shape of animals (1927 Catalogue) All quiet on the home front with no new additions (vintage ‘Oz’ harmonicas) to the fish tank. So, in keeping with the theme of the cartoons that follow, I opted to include a few obscure … Continue reading Walking On Air

Old Jig Jog

Original single release with Travelling Down The Castlereagh as the ‘A’ side. Finally, after many years of investigating, I can reveal the harp player on Richard Clapton’s I’m Travelling Down The Castlereagh. Drum roll, please? It is………wait for it……the one……and the only…….Broderick Smith. A popular segment on my old radio program was ‘Oddities & Obscurities’ … Continue reading Old Jig Jog

Harpo (Moviestar)

Latest edition to collection with gifted programs of the great man. I had no intention of purchasing a harmonica of this kind, but for thirty five Aussie bucks (fair bit of harp for that price) I just had to as there’s been nothing in my wheelhouse for sometime now. I had been gifted Larry’s programs … Continue reading Harpo (Moviestar)

Mr. Versatility

Barry Sandford promoted himself as Mr. Versatility as he was not just a harmonica virtuoso. He also had exemplary talents in a variety of disciplines, which included (and were not limited to) model making, archery, comedy, magic and juggling. He is however most notably known for being an all round, knockabout good guy. Barry grew … Continue reading Mr. Versatility