The Kreisler of the Mouth Organ

One of our nation’s finest exponent on the mouth organ was Alfred Leslie Benoit, who was born in Ballarat on the 18th June 1899. To many of his chums he was known as ‘Hooker’. Perhaps a reference to his cricket or boxing prowess. Growing up in the gold fields of Ballarat, he was never far … Continue reading The Kreisler of the Mouth Organ

Mermaid (& She Sings)

Her long green tail danced like a surfer. The scales reflecting golden from the sun. As she combs her hair and she sings. You never know where an inspiration for scribing a new article may arise. It was Christmas Eve last year. After our morning stroll down by the creek we hopped back in our … Continue reading Mermaid (& She Sings)

‘Arold Goes AWOL!

Harold beltin’ out a tune. I’m not keen on penning articles on animals held in captivity. Their exploitation and treatment in the name of our entertainment has never sat well with this author. There are quite a few tales of elephants in Australian captivity that blew the gob iron that I have refused to entertain. … Continue reading ‘Arold Goes AWOL!

Ryberg’s Ride – Short Snort (Organ) #1

(Adelaide News 27 May, 1931) On a crisp May morning in 1931 Emil Marius Ryberg of Mile End, set out riding his ‘pushy’ to cross the State border of South Australia and Victoria on route to the historic gold town of Bendigo. His prime intention was to display his wares in a mouth organ competition, … Continue reading Ryberg’s Ride – Short Snort (Organ) #1

Hedley Does A Runner.

Adam's Apple' Bagpipes. — The stirring air 'Cock o' the North' rang through the police barracks in Melbourne last Saturday morning. Police clerks dropped their pens, and some shouted their disapproval of the music. One constable jumped from his desk declaring that he could not add up his figures while the screeching of the bagpipes … Continue reading Hedley Does A Runner.

Old Jig Jog

Original single release with Travelling Down The Castlereagh as the ‘A’ side. Finally, after many years of investigating, I can reveal the harp player on Richard Clapton’s I’m Travelling Down The Castlereagh. Drum roll, please? It is………wait for it……the one……and the only…….Broderick Smith. A popular segment on my old radio program was ‘Oddities & Obscurities’ … Continue reading Old Jig Jog

Mr. Versatility

Barry Sandford promoted himself as Mr. Versatility as he was not just a harmonica virtuoso. He also had exemplary talents in a variety of disciplines, which included (and were not limited to) model making, archery, comedy, magic and juggling. He is however most notably known for being an all round, knockabout good guy. Barry grew … Continue reading Mr. Versatility

Hammerin’ On The Blow

Back in 1971 Daddy Cool released their Lollipop Extended Play. The ‘A’ side was titled the ‘Jump Side’ and the reverse the ‘School Side’. The idea was to feature each of the lads vocally on one of the songs and, in one case, his instrument of choice. Now I wasn’t a big fan of their … Continue reading Hammerin’ On The Blow

Leather Earache & Graphite Dogbeard!

Max Geldray If you’re wondering why the title (What! What! What!) it is taken straight from Neddy Seagoon’s (Harry Seacombe) ‘north and south’. Neddy introduced Max Geldray’s harmonica interlude on a Goons’ episode (extract below) with this unique reference to Max’s instrument. Needle nardle noo! Although a wee bit before my time, repeat episodes of … Continue reading Leather Earache & Graphite Dogbeard!