Morovian Embassy

Hans Rolz - The Embassy As many of you are probably aware I do love a fluted harp and I was happy to place Hans Rolz’s The Embassy into my humble fluted harp collection. I located this gem in a quaint antique emporium just a torpedo punt over the Victorian border in the town of … Continue reading Morovian Embassy

Mermaid (& She Sings)

Her long green tail danced like a surfer. The scales reflecting golden from the sun. As she combs her hair and she sings. You never know where an inspiration for scribing a new article may arise. It was Christmas Eve last year. After our morning stroll down by the creek we hopped back in our … Continue reading Mermaid (& She Sings)

Man Overboard – Short Snort (Organ) #2

William Muir, a steerage passenger on the Innamincka from Sydney to Innisfail, was lost overboard on Saturday last when the vessel was about ten miles east of Nora Head. The accident occurred at 5.30 p.m. when light was just falling. Muir was seen on the forecastle playing a mouth-organ and skylarking, when the ship rolled … Continue reading Man Overboard – Short Snort (Organ) #2

World’s Best

Left: Queen Victoria Building of George Street where D Davis & Co operated out of in the 1920’s. Right: D Davis & Co True Tone advertisement from 1939. Here we go again. Why? Why? This author has unearthed another Aussie harp the True Tone and the fact it was produced for the Oz market is … Continue reading World’s Best

‘Arold Goes AWOL!

Harold beltin’ out a tune. I’m not keen on penning articles on animals held in captivity. Their exploitation and treatment in the name of our entertainment has never sat well with this author. There are quite a few tales of elephants in Australian captivity that blew the gob iron that I have refused to entertain. … Continue reading ‘Arold Goes AWOL!

Ryberg’s Ride – Short Snort (Organ) #1

(Adelaide News 27 May, 1931) On a crisp May morning in 1931 Emil Marius Ryberg of Mile End, set out riding his ‘pushy’ to cross the State border of South Australia and Victoria on route to the historic gold town of Bendigo. His prime intention was to display his wares in a mouth organ competition, … Continue reading Ryberg’s Ride – Short Snort (Organ) #1

Holly Holy Harmonica

Sing a songSing a song of songsSing it out, Sing it strongYeah! Yeah! Neil Diamond Music Trade Review November 1914 Colouring added by author. Nice Christmas pressie. Anyone have one in their collection? The Great War may be a reason for their scarcity. Advertising DEVICE FOR PREVENTING SORENESS. A Canadian inventor is on record with … Continue reading Holly Holy Harmonica

Cartoons & Caricatures #12 – Whoop Whoop

The Whoop Whoop School Band Reading from left to right: On the ladder, taking a top note, Charlie Cheapnut, mouth organ; Franz O. Mehod, Euphonium and Snake; Dough Nutt, Esq. (conductor); Chris Cross, solo mouth organ; Tim Pippin, solo soprano tin whistle; Bob Marino, solo concertina; Freddy Turnipseed, big drum and cymbals; Tom Tootle, flute; … Continue reading Cartoons & Caricatures #12 – Whoop Whoop

Big Brother

World Chromatic authority (and collector) Mark Weber has managed to obtain the Boomerang Grand Chromorgan (12 hole - 3 Octaves) produced by Swiss manufacturer Thorens. You may remember that I unearthed the ten hole little brother a few months ago - see Suisse Piece. If you haven’t checked out Mark’s blog, then you should do … Continue reading Big Brother