Jack Junior

Couldn’t help myself. Another one for the collection. No tin (above featured) or box (below - could make my own) and a little worse for wear, but less than a lobster. I have the top shelf model, the Artist (same World Master design) in a nice clean original box and now a Junior. You know … Continue reading Jack Junior

Harpin Ringside

(1898). [Tom Fatts versus Hock Keys, at the Golden Gate Club, Sydney, November 29th, 1898 - http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-148541703%5D Late nineteenth century/early twentieth mouth organ bouts were held between pugilistic fights. Australia’s first mouth organ champion was Walter Omond in 1899, blowing on an Albert’s Boomerang at the Golden Gate Club in Sydney. He only had to … Continue reading Harpin Ringside

Aussie ’Arps – Pocket Guide

Introduction I had intentions of creating an e-book (even designed a cover - pictured) as a quick reference for Australian named (and/or prominent in the market place) mouth organs: Crackajacks, Cobbers, Boomerangs and the like. I’ve had second thoughts - so what I have produced here is what would have been included without any accompanying … Continue reading Aussie ’Arps – Pocket Guide

Perfection King

An early Christmas present. You wouldn’t believe how much I paid for it. Less than a ‘Pineapple’! I had no inclination of purchasing a Large Professional Boomerang. I was researching online for information on a Crackajack model when this struck me firmly between the eyes - for sale and not at an auction site. The … Continue reading Perfection King

At the Bridge Hotel

There’d be a few Bridge Hotels on the planet I would think, but the one I’m highlighting here is the Pub advertised in Mordialloc, which was actually located in Aspendale being south of the creek (the geographical boundary). Come to think of it Mordialloc High School was too! This was my first venue of worship … Continue reading At the Bridge Hotel

45 Revolutions #12 – Jet Black

Jet Black is the dress she wore and Jet Black were her eyes. Jet Black with thoughts in her head. Black velvet were the words of love to me. Jon Hayton recorded ten tracks at Armstrong Studios in 1975 under the pseudonym of Farmer John. The session was produced by keyboard player Tweed Harris and, … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #12 – Jet Black

Schools Out For Summer (Was It Ever In?)

Latest addition for Shep’s harp collection is Albert’s Student Boomerang from the mid 1920’s I believe. Short lived it seems and perhaps not many in existence. I couldn’t locate an advertisement in the newspapers, not one for the Student Boomerang. Perhaps it was a one off special school offer. It doesn’t appear to significantly differ … Continue reading Schools Out For Summer (Was It Ever In?)

Mick’s Perla

This was meant to be a simple tale about Mick Simmons’ Perla mouth organ - first sold in 1927. It became something extra due to information obtained on Mick and his family. I’ll begin when Henry Michael Mitchell Simmons (better known as Mick to his mates) first toddled onto the shores of the new colony. … Continue reading Mick’s Perla

45 Revolutions #11 – I Remember When I Was Young

Well I remember when I was Young the World had just begun and I was Happy. I used to wonder about the Earth and how it moved around the Sun so Snappy. Imagination goin’ wild makes a very backward child they told me. So back at school I’d sit around just waitin’ for the Sound … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #11 – I Remember When I Was Young