Jailhouse Jive

Geelong Warders At The Footy The Daily Telegraph, Sydney 15th June, 1931 Things were pretty rosie between inmates and wardens at the Geelong Gaol back in 1931 when the prisoners offered to be locked in their cells an hour earlier than usual to allow more warders to attend the Geelong versus Richmond match. It would … Continue reading Jailhouse Jive

Come In Spinner – Short Snort (Organ) #6

Former S.A. Cricketer With A.I.F. Ray Robinson, who played interstate cricket for New South Wales and later for South Australia - he was with Prospect club in district games - is with the A.I.F. in Palestine. He did well in cricket games played by an A.I.F. team in a tour of Egypt. Robinson is giving … Continue reading Come In Spinner – Short Snort (Organ) #6

The Professor & Merrylands

Homage to the mouth-organ the "bushman's orchestra" - was paid by a professor of music at the Merrylands and Cumberland District Eisteddfod on Saturday. He was Professor C. Sauer, who carries the degree of A.Mus., and holds diplomas of Art at London, Paris and Sydney. “I love the mouth-organ because it has such a soothing … Continue reading The Professor & Merrylands

Blind Adjudication – Short Snort (Organ) #5

Shepparton Advertiser - 5th September & 7th September 1934 The Shepparton Country Women’s Association held a two day competition for music and elocution. On the second day (Tuesday 4th September, 1934) the Mouth Organ Bands Section was presented with the Shepparton Ambulance Harmonica Band triumphant on 82 points - two clear of the Shepparton Harmonica … Continue reading Blind Adjudication – Short Snort (Organ) #5

Bread & Butter

JAZZMASTER A new arrival for the collection and just a lobster. Not a bad find at this price considering some of the over inflated offers on a well known auction platform. This specimen was detected not far from our new to be located Shep’s Shack. It does, however offer more confusion into the growing number … Continue reading Bread & Butter

War Blues (Pictorial #2)

Life on transport for Aussie soldiers 1917 (HMAT Euripides) - Mouth Organ Band Mouth Organ at the Front (British trench) - 1918 The 42 Battalion at Yeppoon enjoying the humble harp - 9th May 1940 Boys of the 2nd A.I.F strike up a mew song - February 3rd 1940 Marching Mouth Organ Band 1942 Caulfield … Continue reading War Blues (Pictorial #2)

Green Organ – Short Snort (Organ) #4

(Brisbane Courier Mail, 29th August 1939) The power of the mind and the green whistle of the day. Praise be to God the horse was okay too. Here’s the full story. With his leg broken in a car— sulky smash, Edward Pointing, 17, played his mouth organ while he was being taken to Toogoolawah to … Continue reading Green Organ – Short Snort (Organ) #4

The Great (Harmonica) Kazoo

NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Two - In - One A ten-hole harmonica is used, and the four centre holes are drilled right through the back. These holes are then closed by means of an improvised valve of the accordion type, which can be made from a small spring paper clip. A suitable kazoo is … Continue reading The Great (Harmonica) Kazoo

The Kreisler of the Mouth Organ

One of our nation’s finest exponent on the mouth organ was Alfred Leslie Benoit, who was born in Ballarat on the 18th June 1899. To many of his chums he was known as ‘Hooker’. Perhaps a reference to his cricket or boxing prowess. Growing up in the gold fields of Ballarat, he was never far … Continue reading The Kreisler of the Mouth Organ