45 Revolutions #12 – Jet Black

Jet Black is the dress she wore and Jet Black were her eyes. Jet Black with thoughts in her head. Black velvet were the words of love to me. Jon Hayton recorded ten tracks at Armstrong Studios in 1975 under the pseudonym of Farmer John. The session was produced by keyboard player Tweed Harris and, … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #12 – Jet Black

45 Revolutions #11 – I Remember When I Was Young

Well I remember when I was Young the World had just begun and I was Happy. I used to wonder about the Earth and how it moved around the Sun so Snappy. Imagination goin’ wild makes a very backward child they told me. So back at school I’d sit around just waitin’ for the Sound … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #11 – I Remember When I Was Young

45 Revolutions #9 – Boogie (Part One)

This month’s 45 Revs for your aural pleasure is “Boogie (Part One)” b/w “Boogie (Part Two)” by Carson. Carson was an Australian (Melbourne) blues rock and boogie rock band, which started life in January 1970 as the Carson County Band. “Boogie” ventured into the top 30 on the National Charts in September 1972 and it … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #9 – Boogie (Part One)

45 Revolutions #8 – Esmeralda

45 Revolutions this month is one of my all time favourites. Released in April 1972 on the Harvest label was “Esmeralda" b/w “We Are Indelible" and performed by the (Indelible) Murtceps - Spectrum spelled backwards. This was Mike Rudd’s cost effective Pub (and radio) friendly outfit. In the lyrics of the excellent ‘B’ side Mike … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #8 – Esmeralda

45 Revolutions #7 – Ashton County Park

We celebrate the first of this month with Digby Richards’ Ashton County Park - the flip side of his non charting 1972 single Dirty River. This was the fourth single taken from the album Harlequin. Previous singles A Little Bit Of Peace and People Call Me Country both charted. Greg Foster provides the flavoursome harp. … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #7 – Ashton County Park

45 Revolutions #6 – If You Got It

Pinch and Punch. Happy new month. In 1971 Fraternity’s If You Got It had Uncle John Eyres blowing a tasty little riff on an 'A' harp. This was the Adelaide band’s fourth single (the third for 1971) and the first on the Raven label after previously recording with the Sweet Peach label. This single has … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #6 – If You Got It

45 Revolutions #5 – Judgement

I woke the other night to the strangest sight and sound. The Lord has come in judgement to see if I go up or down. Chain’s second single, following on from the highly successful Black and Blue (which was the first and last blues tune to top an Australian chart) was Judgement released after the … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #5 – Judgement

45 Revolutions #4 – Black And Blue

The “classic” line-up of Chain was only together for eleven months, but in this time they enjoyed a National Top Ten hit (number one on Melbourne’s radio charts) in 1971 with its debut single on the Infinity label, ‘Black And Blue’. At the end of the band’s first rehearsal, guitar guru Phil Manning was playing … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #4 – Black And Blue

45 Revolutions #3 – I’ll Be Gone

This months 45 Revs is Spectrum’s iconic single ‘I’ll Be Gone’ (b/w “Launching Place Part II”). It wasn’t atypical of Spectrum’s progressive sound having more of a folky, country flavour. However, the tune did sit well with the punters who loved the catchy hook of the harp riff - so much so that it rose … Continue reading 45 Revolutions #3 – I’ll Be Gone