45 Revolutions #7 – Ashton County Park

We celebrate the first of this month with Digby Richards’ Ashton County Park – the flip side of his non charting 1972 single Dirty River. This was the fourth single taken from the album Harlequin. Previous singles A Little Bit Of Peace and People Call Me Country both charted. Greg Foster provides the flavoursome harp. Greg, who is also a talented trombone player and songwriter, was a member of successful outfits Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly (SCRA) and Galapagos Duck.

“Come on pick up your bag and walk to Ashton County Park”

Digby had ventured to the States in 1970 and perhaps this is where the single’s title originated. He may have spent time in Iowa where there’s an Ashton Wildwood Park in Jasper County. It’s a 113 acres of oak-hickory woods. Perhaps perhaps. Sadly Digby’s career was cut down when he passed from pancreatic cancer aged forty two.

Greg is blowin’ an Ab harp here by the sound of it. Hohner Marine Bands were available in all twelve keys back then. Throw Greg’s name in the search engine below for more information relating to him.

Happy new month EssDawg.

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