45 Revolutions #9 – Boogie (Part One)

This month’s 45 Revs for your aural pleasure is “Boogie (Part One)” b/w “Boogie (Part Two)” by Carson.

Carson was an Australian (Melbourne) blues rock and boogie rock band, which started life in January 1970 as the Carson County Band. “Boogie” ventured into the top 30 on the National Charts in September 1972 and it would peak at nine on the local 3XY Top 40.

The group’s debut, and only studio album, “Blown” was released in November of that year on Harvest Records (EMI subsidiary). The single wasn’t included, but it featured prominently on EMI’s popular annual compilation album, Explosive Hits 73.

A live album, “On The Airrecorded from their set at the ‘73 Sunbury Pop Festival, was issued as a live album in April by which time Carson had disbanded.

“Boogie Part One” features the harmonica of Broderick Smith (‘C’ harp), guitar riff of Greg ‘Sleepy’ Lawrie and the ivory tickling of Mal Logan. For more on Carson see Rebel’s Yell.

Happy new month, EssDawg.

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