45 Revolutions #12 – Jet Black

Jet Black is the dress she wore 
and Jet Black were her eyes.
Jet Black with thoughts in her head.
Black velvet were the words of love to me.

Jon Hayton recorded ten tracks at Armstrong Studios in 1975 under the pseudonym of Farmer John. The session was produced by keyboard player Tweed Harris and, on Jet Black, the musicians were; Mike Clarke (bass & acoustic guitar), Geoff Cox (drums), Farmer John (dobro & electric guitar) and Mike Rudd (mouth harp). The album was titled Rabbits Run after Jon’s wife Wendy who was affectionately known as Rabbit. Wendy and the kids feature on the back cover pictured below. Most of the songs were written by Jon, there were a couple of covers, but Jet Black was a Digby creation.

Fat Albert (J Hayton)/Goose On The Loose (J Hayton, D Richards) were lifted for the first single and Fat Albert started to get airplay in June 1975. Slinky followed later that year with Jet Black on the flip side. Mike’s playing a ‘D’ harp here.


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