45 Revolutions #6 – If You Got It

Pinch and Punch. Happy new month.

In 1971 Fraternity’s If You Got It had Uncle John Eyres blowing a tasty little riff on an ‘A’ harp. This was the Adelaide band’s fourth single (the third for 1971) and the first on the Raven label after previously recording with the Sweet Peach label. This single has the honour of being Australia’s first maxi single with two songs on the flip, You Have A God and Raglan’s Folly. Close (but no cigar) on the Adelaide charts missing top spot by one. Didn’t chart anywhere else, but on the back of their Adelaide success, managed to reach #66 on the National Charts. Fraternity’s lead singer was Bon Scott, who later fronted AC-DC.

Hears the riff.

Left to Right: Bonn Scott, John Freeman and Uncle (John Eyres). Bruce Howe is obscured except for the head of his bass guitar.

There’s more on the band and in particular John in an earlier Riff Raff article A Man Called Uncle. And if you like, I have a quick lesson on the riff here Got It.

Ch EssDawg

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