Aussie ’Arps – Pocket Guide


I had intentions of creating an e-book (even designed a cover – pictured) as a quick reference for Australian named (and/or prominent in the market place) mouth organs: Crackajacks, Cobbers, Boomerangs and the like. I’ve had second thoughts – so what I have produced here is what would have been included without any accompanying information. This is purely pictorial. Keep coming back if you’re interested, because I have more, and from time to time I will supplement this page. If you want to cross reference any of the harmonicas, you could bang the name in the search engine below or head over to Aussie Models Timeline (the original) or the remastered version.


Harmonica Graphics

Box Stickers



Over the Ditch, but available here.


Instruction Books



Please check home page for copyright details.

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