45 Revolutions #3 – I’ll Be Gone

This months 45 Revs is Spectrum’s iconic single ‘I’ll Be Gone’ (b/w “Launching Place Part II”). It wasn’t atypical of Spectrum’s progressive sound having more of a folky, country flavour. However, the tune did sit well with the punters who loved the catchy hook of the harp riff – so much so that it rose to the heady heights of #1 in May 1971 on the National Charts. It did take time in gaining traction as it had been released in January. ‘’I’ll Be Gone’ had the honour of being the first of three Australian, or to be more specific Melbourne singles to top the 3XY charts for the entire year. It was followed by Chain’s ‘Black & Blue’ and then completing the trifecta Daddy Cool’s classic anthem ‘Eagle Rock’.

Someday I'll have money
Money isn't easy come by
By the time it's come by I'll be gone
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone

Some day I'll have lovin'
Lovin' isn't easy come by
By the time it's come by I'll be gone
I'll sing my song and I'll be gone

Livin' a life of luxury
Doesn't seem to be for me, be for me
Movin' around comes naturally
Movin' around and feelin' free, that's for me

The tune started life with Mike playing guitar and no harp. He wasn’t sure how the harp originally came in to existence, but it did (praise be to God) and the keyboard took on the guitar line. And as they say in the classics – ‘the rest is history’.

Mike Rudd blew this iconic riff on a ‘G’ harp. Several versions of the riff have been performed over the years by Mike’s various outfits, but never veering too far away from its roots. Mike told HRR previously that part of the riff had been inspired by John Mayall’s harp on Parchman Farm. The tune was better known to the general populace as the Someday I’ll Have Money song (the opening line) and Mike wished he’d been more explicit by naming the day he would make money – perhaps Sunday would have sufficed.

I’ll be gonz now.

Ch EssDawg

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