Big Brother

World Chromatic authority (and collector) Mark Weber has managed to obtain the Boomerang Grand Chromorgan (12 hole – 3 Octaves) produced by Swiss manufacturer Thorens.

You may remember that I unearthed the ten hole little brother a few months ago – see Suisse Piece. If you haven’t checked out Mark’s blog, then you should do yourself a service and head over. His recent investigative exploit is most informativeChromhistory


On a recent scrutiny of past newspapers I came across a couple of interesting advertisements. The first was for a music store in Bourke Street Melbourne, who were selling the Pine Tree Brand (Gebr. Ludwig) mouth organ in 1928 and the other a Sydney emporium selling the Bell Brand mouth organ in 1913.

Lyons of 256 Bourke Street, were having a dispersal sale as they were having to move premises, in fact the full advert is headed by ‘Notice To Quit.’ Interestingly, the advertisement was placed once and in a Sydney newspaper. No wonder I hadn’t come across it before! You might remember I discovered the Harola mouth organ was made by Ludwig for the Harola company of Brisbane. Lyons were also sole agents for the Mezon brand accordion (manufactured in Saxony) having applied for the trademark in 1903.

Max Wurker, of York Street Sydney, was selling the Bell Brand mouth organs made in America by The National Musical String Company of New Brunswick.

The company began production of mouth organs in 1906 and in their initial blurb they bragged, “If after testing its musical qualities you will pull it to pieces and examine the finish of the reeds, plates and wood, you will see that these are as superior to those on the market as a high-class locomotive to a traction engine – the result of American skill and intelligence.” (The Music Trade Review 1906) They also assured us they are built entirely with American materials and labour in their factory.

Timothy B Schmit

Left: Timothy with Poco – bottom left. Centre: Timothy today (or a few days ago). Right: Latest album ‘Day By Day’.

Been a big fan of Timothy B Schmit from his days (my late teenage daze) in Poco, when the classic Rose Of Cimmaron blared from the cassette player in my Holden Torana. The amazing harmonies, song writing, bass thumping and of course, his country flavoured harp (there’s even a small sample on Rose Of Cimmaron.). One of my Poco faves that featured Timothy’s harp was from the ‘Indian’ album Find Out In Time.

Although released a bit earlier this year (May), Timothy’s cracker of an album, ‘Day By Day’, has just been detected on my radar and it’s just too good not to review now. The opening track took me back to the Poco ambience with exquisite harmonies on Simple Man and a little later we had some tasty harp on Question Of The Heart. Do yourself a service and get yourself a copy. Tell ’em Shep sent you.

The Lucky Losers

The Lucky Losers, all the way from San Fran, have dropped their latest album ‘Standin’ Pat’ and it pervades more into alt country, or is that Americana, from their signature blues. I don’t know. I’m not too knowledgeable on genres. Doesn’t matter, it’s bloody good – in particular the tune Rich Strike – a wee ditty about this years 80-1 Kentucky Derby winner (which is more of a canter than a full on gallop). Phil’s harp is my sort of harp and Cathy’s story telling vocal is sweet as – pity though that horses are exploited for human entertainment, they’re such noble animals.

Bones & Jones

Now something a little more local. Bones & Jones have just dropped a ripper single (one with and one without). The ‘A’ side My Friend (the one with) has a wee bit of harp courtesy of Finn Chappell amongst the jangly guitars, but I gotta say I actually prefer the flip side Taxi (the one without). Describing My Friend, lead vocalist and guitarist Jasper Jolley said: “My Friend is about marking a point of change in life, trusting your gut over rationale and hoping you don’t get caught behind.” Bones & Jones hail from the Geelong/Surfcoast area and have gone from strength to strength since their debut album, ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’. Head to that good streaming (and hard copies) platform Bandcamp to get your copy.

Lazy Eye with Horns at Pistol Pete’s

Sat 26 Nov 2022 9:30 PM – 11:30 PM

93 Lt Malop St, Geelong Victoria 3220. Limited seating available. Tickets are ENTRY ONLY. Call 5221 0287 to book a seat.

Went to a Garden Party

Photograph Pam Sheppard (can you find Santa?)

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories, play our songs again
When I got to the garden party they all knew my name
No one recognized me I didn’t look the same, but it’s all right now
I learned my lesson well. You see, you can’t please everyone
so you got to please yourself.

Ricky Nelson

Went to a garden party set in the idyllic grounds of the historic Forest Park homestead (home of 3MDR) to celebrate their radiothon. Great to meet up with listeners, Tony from Springvale and Damo from Murrumbeena and presenters Goonybird, Biff, Paula the Queen of Mean, Golden Tonsils Ron and of course a few I bump into more regularly Peejarini, Renski & Davy. Had a couple of nice brewed lagers (on tap) from The Fat Goat (station sponsor) while listening to live music.

Ronnie, Shep & Pam
we’d go and watch a band and have a real good time (seated below window) under the backdrop of the homestead. D Clarke Photography

Aussie ‘Arps

Quite a few additions to Aussie ’Arps – check them out (hope you have a better understanding).

Hogan’s Heroes

Phil Robins, from the Norwood Football club, posted a comment on the Hogan’s Heroes article providing another interesting fact. Keith mysteriously played one game for the Redlegs in 1913. The story continues to evolve. The Hogan family have also informed me that back in 2020, on a well known auction site, they were notified Keith’s 1910 ‘Best All-Round Play’, Warrior Football Club (Naracoorte) medal had been listed. Two of his medals had gone missing (most likely stolen? – they were nine carat gold) in 1913. Keith posted (and printed) a notice that year for their return in the newspaper where he worked.

South Eastern Times (Millicent, 4th April 1913)

One hundred and seven years later it found its way back to where it rightfully belongs with the Hogan clan! The vendor had purchased a box of random items at a Trash & Treasure market in Port Adelaide in 2017 and nestled away inside was Keith’s medal. How it made its way there (and the whereabouts of the other medal) are unknown unknowns.

The Hogan family had the medal framed along with photos of Keith and now its days are spent on rotation between their various abodes. What a fabulous memento. Wonder where his National Boomerang award might be? Robert Hogan, a grandson, passed on this classic quote of his Dad’s (Steve) proclamation on the high standard of Keith’s harmonica playing – “Dad said that Pop was so good with a mouth organ that he could have played ‘Home Sweet Home’ on his Khyber Pass!”

Keith Hogan (Pops) – 1940’s, 50’s?

In light of recent conversations with the family it was pointed out I had the wrong player circled in the football photograph – that has now been corrected. “Oopsie!”

Warrior Keith Hogan

Riff Raff

Thanks for the ‘likes’ for this month’s feature article Hedley Does A Runnernext month’s is (now for) something completely different. It’s the first of quite a few pictorials (for your visual pleasure) and it’s entitled The Big One. (be careful googling this).

There’s a new handle for my video channel (whatever that means – they’re not fork handles or four candles) (couldn’t get Harmonica Riff Raff or Ol’ Shep Dawg – or derivatives of) and if you haven’t visited my audio channel, head 👂🏻 and subscribe.

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