Morovian Embassy

Hans Rolz – The Embassy

As many of you are probably aware I do love a fluted harp and I was happy to place Hans Rolz’s The Embassy into my humble fluted harp collection. I located this gem in a quaint antique emporium just a torpedo punt over the Victorian border in the town of Albury.

Little is recorded of the Hans Rolz company which commenced operations out of Graslitz, primarily as an exporter of toys and musical instruments, in 1874.

It wasn’t until 1933 that they operated their first harmonica factory having previously produced mouth organs with parts fabricated for them by smaller companies. I cannot date this harmonica precisely, but I would suggest somewhere in the vicinity of the factory’s opening.

My specimen has exactly the same cover plate on both sides and there is nothing stamped that recognises the maker, however there are models which have one plate with his name and trademark imprinted. See Fluted Harps.

Seydel trademarked the cover plate design on 21/2/1921

The cover plate configuration is nearly a replica of Seydel’s Bandmaster and Boomerang models. As mentioned in another article Richard Seydel was very cross with companies replicating their design. So much so that he registered the shape as a trademark in 1921 to prevent imitation. It obviously didn’t have the desired effect. Here’s Guru Pat’s (Missin) take on proceedings, “Around the same general times as Seydel trademarked the Boomerang/Bandmaster cover design, other companies did the same, including Hohner and Bohm. That really wasn’t something that was done before or since. Not sure what prompted the sudden burst of TM activity.”

Aussie Trademarks

You may remember from last month’s review Dawg Blawg that Pat Missin had discovered Otto Weidlich as the manufacturer of Aussie harps Bess O’Th’ Barn and the Rozella after fossicking through a bunch of German trademarks. In the process he also found some other interesting TM’s (perhaps never manufactured) for Seydel and Frank Albert’s Boomerang mouth organs. I wonder if the Wee Boomerang was considered a brand name for a four hole mouth organ before settling on the name Tiny and the short lived Baby which they produced? Other interesting finds include the Dinkum (Walter Lisner/1923), Emu (Seydel/1925), Jackaroo (Seydel/1911), Digger (Chr. Weiss/1922), Gum Leaf (Chr. Weiss/1923) and Gebruder Walter trademarked The Australian Band and The New Zealand Band in 1920/21. These trademarks can be viewed on Aussie ‘Arps .

I delved into the recesses of Pat’s mind for information on the two Walters, Walter Lisner and Gebruder Walter. “Lisner was a Hamburg based distributor, not just of musical instruments. They seem to have stayed in business quite a while. Gebr. Walter were based in Berlin and I would have had them pegged as distributors too, except they claimed to manufacture both accordions and harmonicas, even though they also dealt in fancy goods. It seems like they are not in business too long and Martin Haffner doesn’t mention them in his book. It’s even possible that they registered the TMs, but didn’t actually make anything.

Kim Churchill – Dawn Sounds

Kim has dropped a new album. One track with a bit of the old mouth harp (have to wait for it) is Rivermouth a song dedicated to his parents. I was a huge fan of Kim’s early material. Check out his first two albums ‘With Sword & Shield’ (2010) and ‘Details Of Distance’ (2012) to see what I mean. His sound has changed somewhat with less of the raw harp, but I recommend a listen to this little ditty – nice respect. I can tell you he’s something to see live.

Selby Folk Club – Friday 3rd February

Winter had struck in the middle of summer, but the night had cleared for the drive to Selby Folk Club. First on the bill for 2023 was The Weeping Willows supported by Benoit. To a packed house both artists produced wonderful smooth vocals, melodic harmonies and warm tones floating from the guitars of Benoit and Andy (Weeping Willows).

Left: Benoit on the night. Right: The Weeping Willows

Benoit was in fine form with his storytelling lyrical masterpieces beginning with Familiar Cliche, throwing one in for a mystery punter (wonder who it could have been??😉), Someday I’ll Find My Way and finishing (after a little chat amongst ourselves while his guitar was changed to open tuning), with the toe tapping singalong When The Waters Up To My Knees.

The Weeping Willows (Andrew & Laura) continued the storytelling with their vibrant, acoustic, country, folk tunes. Their highlights included the newbies off the ‘You Reap What You Sow’ album – the haunting Black Crow, the earthy House Of Sin and the spirit lifting Bells Are Ringing In The Churchyard. Oh what a wonderful evening was had by all who attended.

Indelible Murtceps

The Indelible Murtceps are on the road again and they will have some good advice I reckon and play many of their classic oldies; Esmeralda, Be My Honey, Indelible Shuffle and We Are Indelible. There will be new material on offer too. More gigs to follow soon, so keep an eye out on Mike Rudd’s web page.

Sun. 19.2.23 Legends of Oz Rock with Spectrum + The Indelible Murtceps and Phil Manning @ The Oakleigh Music Hall 95-97 Drummond St Oakleigh 95680407 tix trybooking 2.30 – 5.15

Sat. 25.2.23THE INDELIBLE MURTCEPS + The Indelibles @ The Lowie The Lomond Hotel 225 Nicholson St East Brunswick 9380 1752 8.30 – 11.30 $15

Matt Joe Gow & Friends

L to R: Duncan, Stefanie & Matt

Outlaw Entertainment presents The Good, The Bad & The Lonely, a triple album launch at the iconic MEMO Music Hall, St Kilda on Sunday 26th showtime – 3pm. Artists featured are Matt Joe Gow, Duncan Phillips and Stefanie Duzel.

I’ve pre purchased a copy of Matt’s limited vinyl print of his forthcoming (10th March) album ‘Between Tonight & Tomorrow’. Head over to Bandcamp for all the details. A review on Matt’s new release will appear next month.


The Crackshot exists. A metal detector guy from down under, came across a specimen in the Aussie bush. Regular readers may remember the 1900 registered trademark of G E Ohl, Hamburg pictured in a previous article. This is one old mouth organ. Oh the history!

G E Ohl were exporters to the colonies operating for a short period of time, emerging in the late nineteenth century, before closing their operations in 1910.

Trains kept a Rollin’.

Have to give a big thank you to my friends at Mountain District Radio for getting behind my single Locomotive Weave. Your awesome. We had a world premiere (10th January) and a launch on The Imaginary Friends Show (thanks Peej) on the 17th January. Feedback has been out of this world. Good friend of HRR, former Dingo Kerryn Tolhurst commented on listening, “That’s damn fine playing……sounds like Charlie McCoy doin’ Sonny Terry. Stellar performance.”

Cheers to everyone (presenters & punters) that’s hopped on board. We’ve had airplay all around the nation (don’t know about overseas). Just head to Bandcamp and name your price to download. You can receive a high quality format to stream for the rest of your life and, if you like, drag it on to a usb, and/or burn to a cd, then blast it through your amplifier. You’ll appreciate it – because, as one regional presenter announced, “It’s recorded in stereo.” Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Just in case you’re wondering why the title of ‘Morovian Embassy’ it’s taken from the Get Smart episode ‘The Day Smart Turned Chicken’. Max tries to prevent the Morovian Ambassador from being poisoned. This episode is the first airing of the catchphrase “Missed it by that much”.

Next Month

Next month’s feature is about a Hooker (I knew that would grab your attention, but it’s his nickname), Alfred Leslie Benoit born in Ballarat 1899 legendary harpist and bandsman. If you missed this month’s click here 🧜‍♀️.

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8 thoughts on “Morovian Embassy

  1. Another fine read. Love the look of your links here. It’s very late at night here in the UK. So will have to revisit and follow your choices. Listened to the Albatross ‘A breath of fresh air’ suggested in your last post. Interesting listen and took me back to my youth with the style. Liked the majority of the songs too. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Musicians often do look both ways. Iconic music from the past alongside those personal faves. And vinyl too. There isn’t much to get into at present, for my own interests, in current music. I’m enjoying retirement from nursing and picking up the guitar and writing more often nowadays. Great for well being and relaxing. Forgot what it was like! I really like the variety within your posts. Always a great read. All the best.

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  2. hi mr Riff (just kidding!)
    have you seen the new golden melody? jason ricci has made a video about it.
    if you look at the back of it, don’t you think it resembles a fluted harp?
    well Seydel will have to remake the bandmaster… at last!
    just wanted to say…
    have a good day

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pedro, certainly from the back, but yeah nah….maybe someone could make a Crackajack Artist (Rauner World Master)…as for playing I’ll stick to the Specials & the Rockets…thanks for contacting and you too. Chiz Ol’ Dawg Hisself


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