Aussie Models (Remastered)

1896Woolloomooloo Warbler (Seydel/Alberts) originally had a patent bone lip protector. Kangaroo Chalmer (Seydel/Alberts)-Later that year King Billy (Seydel/Alberts)-two sided & another with bells maybe later at 3s 5d. Boomerang Large & Miniature (Seydel/Alberts)-also three sided models in both. The Federal Harp (Ernst Hess/J Hess & Co) perhaps as early as 1880, three models sold in 1910 as the Midget Federal 20 reeds, Junior Federal 20 reeds & Senior Federal 40 reeds.

1897Native Waratah (Seydel/Alberts-TM 1910) with celluloid sliding cover. Wallaby and Possum (Seydel/Alberts-TM 1910), Wallaroo (C Essbach/Johnstone & Company) sold alongside the Humming Bird.

1898Kookaburra & Coo–ee 2d (TM reg by M. Johs Richter), Kookaburra (Seydel/Alberts) sold alongside Boomerang Miniature.

1900The Bushman (F A Rauner/ W H Paling) originally 2 models 2/- 20 reeds & a 3/- then a 40 reeds at 4/6, Larrikin (?/Carl Essbach) Century Advance Australia (Hohner TM), Australian Crackshot (TM registered-Bell Metal Reeds)

1901Corroboree & Geebung (Hohner registered never sold), Federation Souvenir–Advance Australia (Hohner TM)

1902Boomerang Professional (Seydel/Alberts) and a three sided model, The Bugler (Seydel?/Deane and Sons) Small 10 hole/20 reeds for 1/- and a Large 20 hole/40 reeds for 2/-

1903Crackajack (F A Rauner/Allans TM-1903) three models all with open back covers Professional, Senior & Junior 20 reeds, added later that year Boss Cracker, also sold by same brand Tommy Dodd and Little Gulliver, Lyre Bird (Koch/W F Coxon) four models upgraded later to six

1904Bonzer & Boshter (Allan & Co) sixpenny model, Melba (F A Bohm/Flights-Bendigo)

1905Crackajack Cadet (F A Rauner/Allan & Co)

1906The Rattler (?-/D Davis & Co)-3 models 1/-, 1/6 & 2/-, Lyrebird Advance Australia (Hohner)-2 models 20 reed vamper & 40 reed concert tuning

1907Crackajack Double (F A Rauner/Allan & Co), Boshter Shake (Weiss/Allan & Co). Boshter TM by Ch.Weiss-1906

1908Topnotcher (C H Meinel?/W H Paling TM-1906) Ordinary & Professional, in 1909 The Scout 3/-, The Ironclad 5/6 and The Super Ironclad 8/6 then later the Nipper 8 pence and Amateur’s Harp a full sized Concert Harp 2/3 (circa 1914), then the Scout, Artists, Vamper, Standard & Concert Grand, Pocket Boomerang-first advertised 10 hole 3 inch, Bosker (Ernst Hess/Chapman’s TM-1911) Vamper 1/6 & Double Reeds 2/6, The Kangaroo (A Koch/-) different to Seydel’s later model of same name. Dickens’ Echophone–an attachment for the mouth organ invented by Sydney Dickens and patented. Bush Piano (?/Hocking & Co Ltd)-three models 1/, 1/6 and 2/.

1909–B.A.B (Boomerang Arch Bell) series: initially three models #1-4 professional organs 120 reeds with 2 sets of bells 17/6, #2-2 professional organs 80 reeds with 1 set of bells 10/- and the #3-1 professional organ 40 reeds with 1 set of bells. Later (1912?) a mini professional 20 reeds 1 set of bells and a mini professional double with 1 set of bells, Queensland Jubilee Harp and Koala & Cub (Hohner/?)-Koala & Cub may have been a bit earlier. The Jubilee Harp has same graphic of Koala & Cub.

1910The Wallaroo (Seydel/Alberts) diatonic and a four sided model, Kookaburra (Seydel/Alberts TM)

1911Boomerang Grands-Miniature Grand (nickel plated), Grand (nickel plated), Miniature Grand (black enamel), Grand (black enamel), Austral Harp, Black Gin, Wonga, Jabiru, Wombat, The Wallaroo, Golden Wattle, Budgeree & Lyre-Bird (Seydel/Alberts TM) Swastika (?/W J Deane) four models 20 reeds 1/6, Special 20 reeds 2/-, 40 reeds 2/6 and Special 40 reeds 3/6.

1912Cobber (Bauer & Krause (exporters)/Jackson & MacDonald) four models-20 reed Vamper, 20 reeds miniature professional, 40 reeds standard, 40 reeds professional, Young Australia (Hohner Special Edition-sold to 1920: TM 1912) two 20 reed vamper models-standard and large size, 40 reed concert tuning, six tremolo models 28,32,40,48,64 and 80 reeds

1913Rozella (O Weidlich/A P Sykes)-3 models-Solo 20 reeds 1/-, with nickel mouthpiece 1/-3, with nickel mouthpiece and metal case 1/6, Concert 20 reeds with nickel mouthpiece and metal case 2/- and the Professional 40 reeds with nickel mouthpiece and metal case 3/-, Magpie (Otto Weidlich/Macrows) four models-40 reeds, two large 28 reeds 5s & 3/6 and a small 20 reeds to 1920, Trademarked 1907 by Weidlich, Coo-ee (Seydel/Alberts), The Kangaroo & Wallaroo (Seydel/Alberts), Bess O’ Th’ Barn (O Weidlich/A P Sykes)-3 models-Solo Artist 20 reeds 1/-(with nickel case 1/-6), Concert Artist 20 reeds with nickel mouthpiece and metal case 2/- and the Professional Artist 40 reeds with nickel mouthpiece and metal case.

1920’sBonzer (Ch. Weiss?/Allans)-four new models, The Kangaroo (A Koch/-)- Made in Switzerland, Rigi model, The Music Teacher (Chr. A. Essbach/H Lord)

1923Harola (Gebr. Ludwig/Harola)-sold 6 models 1/- to 10/- a new improved automatic valves sold in 1933, Budgeree (Seydel/Alberts), The Grosvenor (Seydel/? Hotel Model), Boomerang (TM USA)

1924True Tone (?/Davis & Co.)- 8 models 3 different sized 20 reeds, 2 40 reed models, a 64 reed and two Chromatics 40 & 48 reed.

1925Boomerang De Luxe-‘Boomerang Shaped’ (Seydel/Alberts) with the slogan “Having Tried the Rest, Now Buy the Best” TM 1925 also Baby Boomerang and Baby Boomerang De Luxe (Seydel/Alberts) then quickly replaced as the Boomerang Tiny & Tiny De Luxe-four & five hole (also a Boomerang Little), Pocket, Student, Miniature & Miniature Professional. Koala Harp (?Hohner/?), Monarch (E Deinst?/Musgroves) eight models Piccolo, Vamper, Junior– 20 reeds, Senior, Tremolo Harp, Professional, Artist– 40 reeds & a Grand Concert Harp– double sided 96 reeds at one stage there was a ‘Monarch King’, Crackajack Concert 40 reeds (rounded ends) 5/-.

1926Perla (?/Mick Simmons Pty Ltd) four models-Medium 20 reeds, Medium Professional 20 reeds, Large 40 reeds, Large Professional 40 reeds, Crackajack upgrade to ten models-Tivoli 1/6, Cadet Plain 2/-, Cadet Nickel 2/6, Boss Cracker 3/-, Double 3/6, Junior 4/6, Concert 5/-, Senior 5/6, Professional 7/6 and Artist 10/6. The Junior, Senior, Professional, and Artist had cover plates shaped like F A Rauner’s World Master.

1927The Mulga Harp (Hohner/Billy Edwards Music)

1929Trump (Hohner/Suttons)- 40 reeds 5/-

1930Auto-Valve Vamper (Hohner)- 20 reeds Marketed as ‘Australian’ Model alongside three other auto valve models-blue box 20 reeds 40 cells, red box an octave lower 40 reeds and cells, brown box two octaves lower 40 reeds and cells, The Metropole (C A Herold/? Hotel model)-circa

1933Boomerang Large Grand Chromatic-40 reeds 15/6

1934-Crackajack updated models-#1/Concert Grand (auto valve model), #2/Professional, #3/Miniature Concert (Bakelite frame and auto valve), #4/Senior, #5/Concert, #6/Boss Cracker, #7Junior and #8/Cadet.

1935The Bellbird (Hohner)-sold under Weiss & Pohl, Glaz-O-Phone (?/Godfrey College/British Music Academy)-lip protector mouthpiece.

1936Chromorgan Chromatic range Trademarked DRWZ 488064 Chromorgan 10 double holes 40 reeds 12/6, Grand Chromorgan 12 double holes 48 reeds (three octaves) and Chromorgan De Luxe 12 double holes 48 reeds (three octaves) fitted with wind economising valves & Mezzo Boomerang (Seydel/Alberts) – 20 reed and a 40 reed with wind economising valves.

1937Crackajack four new models, Crackamonic-Chromatic (F A Rauner/Allans) also the Crackajack Regal a double sided, two different keys ‘C’ & ‘G’ with 48 reeds each side, Nickel plated and colourfully enameled, Crackajack Tremolo 40 reeds, Crackajack Concert De Luxe 40 reeds. P C Spouse ‘Champion Series’-World’s Fame (F A Bohm/Mick Simmons)-3 models a small 20 reeds, medium 40 reeds and a large concert 40 reeds.

1939Jazz Master (Schlossmeinel-Hugo Rauner/Allans) 10 & 20 reeds and also a Chromatic model.

Please don’t take as gospel, however if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated. This is a fluid document that will be updated when new verifiable information comes to hand.

Please check home page for copyright details.

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