Moppetry Hogwash

A recent acquisition to my harmonica ephemera is Aussie (and American) Gene Jimae’s program handout displaying some great illustrations and information. I had to look up ‘moppetry’ a term not frequently used in today’s vernacular. Its reference is to childhood. I have no idea of the meaning of ‘sock results’ mentioned later in the pamphlet. Can anyone help me here?

I’ve written a couple of articles on the wonder kid if you’re interested have a gander at the Gene Genius and Gene Genius Returns.

Two new releases worthy of mention: Firstly 1970’s band Fraternity that featured the vocals of Bon Scott and the harmonica genius of Uncle John Ayers. Their first two albums, which I’ve had for some time Livestock (1971) and Flaming Galah (1972), are part of this three CD set. The third album (Second Chance) has previously unreleased material recorded when they spent time in London. The highlight for me here was the tune Hogwash where it looks like Uncle plays around in both first and second position to achieve a tasty little riff. I wrote a piece on Uncle some time ago A Man Called Uncle. The second is a single release by The ExIsles former members of Tassie band Wild Pumpkins At Midnight. The song The Golden Son has harp from Steve Gilbert. You might remember an earlier review where Steve lays some harp on Dan Tuffy tunes. Dan was another member of Wild Pumpkins.

Two good friends of HRR Luke Sinclair and Flaskas have new material out now on all good and bad streaming platforms. Both play the harp, but not on these releases. I’m pleased to say this has not been detrimental to the outstanding qualities produced on their musical projects. Luke is best known as a key member of Raised By Eagles – here he has gone solo of sorts with all original material that portrays the depth of his song writing skills. Hard to pick a favourite, but I’ll go with the opening and longest track Running On The Wheel. Flaskas’ new EP Free The Mind is a cracker and the first single is a bloody ripper titled Summer Dayz. Check it out here. If you want to hear a Flaskas tune with harp download (or stream) the brilliant Songbird.

I’ve been in touch with Charlie McCoy early this month about next month’s feature article. He spends his winters in the Florida warmth (it had been a little chilly of late) before returning to Nashville. At the time corresponding Charlie was still waiting for the vaccine, but was mighty fine. I also enquired into any upcoming recordings.

“I am in Florida until the end of March. There are a few internet sessions for me down here. When I go back, I will complete a new CD called “Country Gold” Volume 2 and then go on with a new gospel album that I have been writing on for ten years. I will have written or co-written every song. I will have lot’s a family and friends for musical guests.”

Philip (an Aussie collector), recently contacted HRR requesting info on The Moa mouth organ – a couple of models inhabit his collection. The Moa and The Kia Ora are Kiwi models that were available in the Great Southern Land. Albert & Son of Sydney offered The Moa (made by Seydel) as early as December 1899. At this point of time Australia and New Zealand were partners of the Empire and up until 1841 New Zealand was a member of the colony of New South Wales. New Zealand were invited to join the Federation of Australia, however they kindly declined, and so we went our separate ways. The Moa and Moaphone appear to be the Seydel Clover and Clover Harmonophone rebranded respectively for the Antipodes. Not sure why we couldn’t have had an Australian flavoured version of the amplification/wah wah (phone) model – perhaps an Emoo! I’ll leave it to our friends over the ditch for more extensive research.

A remastered version of Aussie Models – Timeline has been posted if you haven’t checked it out already click on the 1896 Federal Harp.

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