Gene Genius Returns

6th January, 2020Hey there Raffers & Riffers,Over a year ago I published an article about a young Australian lad (or American if you prefer), who was a big hit down under when he and his parents toured as part of the Tivoli circuit in 1953. Gene Jimae, although born in Detroit in 1943, was of … Continue reading Gene Genius Returns

Grizzlee Remedy

Hey Riff Raffers, A couple of reviews, an update, an ANZAC article and why not, an Easter story. Couple of mighty fine tunes just released. 'Grizzlee Train', a blues rock based duo from the Central Coast Of NSW have 'Shakin' an uptempo single with a nice hook and a sing-a-long chant, 'Hey Ho'. "I'm shakin' … Continue reading Grizzlee Remedy

The Gene Genius

Hi Riff Raffers,  “The Jean Genie lives on his back. The Jean Genie laughs in his daks.” Another mondegreen, a misheard lyric by yours truly on David Bowie's 1972 hit, 'Jean Genie', that features David blowing a bit of sixties style harp. Now that I have your attention I'd like to pass on a story … Continue reading The Gene Genius