Rebel’s Yell

G'Day Riff Raffers, The year was 1970 when Rebel, a little known Melbourne record label released two highly significant singles in Australian music history, both featuring the mouth harp of a young Matt Taylor. Rebel was owned by Peter Goodman (a former member of the band The Town Criers) and they would press eleven singles … Continue reading Rebel’s Yell

NFSCD #6-Prince Pauper

Hi Riffers, New month and another, 'Now For Something Completely Different' number six. Times were tough at Balmoral. Sydney-Miss Sarah Gould (68) of Milton, on the Southern Coast, was upset last September when she read in a newspaper that Prince Charles only got 1/6 a week in pocket money. So Miss Gould went shopping. She … Continue reading NFSCD #6-Prince Pauper

NFSCD #4-Biting A Chew Off A Plug…

Pinch & Punch Riff Raffers, An interesting insight into how the mouth organ was perceived in the colonies during the late nineteenth century. (Sydney Evening News, Thursday 9th August, 1894) Here's the full transcript with a 'pic' thrown in. THE LYRICAL LARRIKIN MADE MORAL BY MUSIC THE MELODIOUS “MOUTH ORGAN” After having decided either to … Continue reading NFSCD #4-Biting A Chew Off A Plug…

The Journey Continues

Hi there Riff Raffers, Harmonica Riff Raff started out on community radio 3MDR, Mountain District Radio (Emerald, Melbourne Australia) on Wednesday 24th April 2013 at 11pm and would conclude five years later after 256 episodes. HRR broadcast at various timeslots, primarily though from Wednesday 5pm to 7pm. A show dedicated to the most owned instrument in … Continue reading The Journey Continues