45 Revolutions #1 – Fleetwood Plain

The first of each month this year will feature a brief gander and a listen at a classic Aussie 45 rpm single tune within the 1970-75 time frame. Not all are hits, not all reached the Top 40 and some are not even the ‘A’ side, but all contain a harp riff or two. Our first is from 1970 – Greg Quill’s Fleetwood Plain.

This was Greg’s first record release and it commences his successful partnership with legendary harp man Chris Blanchflower. You can find out more on Chris by placing his name in the search engine below. Sadly both men have passed this mortal coil. The song didn’t gain enormous airplay, however it managed to peak on the Sydney Charts at number 44. I’m thunkin’ Chris’ dulcet tones are on a high ‘G’ harp. Must have been a Hohner Vest Pocket – that’s all that would have been available then unless he had some other fandangled way of hitting these notes. Wish I had asked him in one of our chats and also on the whereabouts of the mysterious Fleetwood Plain. Here’s the riff and the lyrics.

I stumbled through the hills for the first three days and nights
Following the road, but keeping out of sight
Till the clouds began to gather and the storm, it blew me down
To seek a bed and conversation somewhere in the town.

When they asked me where I came from, I told them Fleetwood Plain
They turned back to the fire and I turned to face the rain
I closed my eyes and thought I saw you waiting with the child
And as the room became much warmer, the night became more wild.

If I could find my way I might make it to the sea
My tracks are washed away and no one can follow me
But for now the road seems harder than the hills from where I came
And a thousand miles mean nothing when I think of Fleetwood Plain.
Left to Right: Greg Quill, Chris Blanchflower & Orlando Agostino.

Happy New Year

Ch EssDawg

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