My Baby

I got this little girl she’s quite a picture

Ain’t no-one anywhere ever gonna steal her

My Baby – Cold Chisel

Another pick up for the Shep Collection. Just couldn’t help myself. It’s manifesting as an addiction. Haven’t seen many of these in my short fossicking career. Will sit right beside my Tiny and Tiny De Luxe. These can be viewed in Beware Choking Hazard.

Baby De Luxe was part of J Albert & Son (of Little Collins Street, Melbourne) Boomerang range in August 1925. However, by the end of September 1925 the Tiny became the new mini De Luxe being offered in store by Albert’s. For some reason Albert’s renamed the Baby to Tiny. I think! Might have been a marketing strategy as the Baby moniker was out and about with other brands and Tiny offered a unique distinct identification. ‘Twas the boom time for mini’s.

Cawthornes in Adelaide were still selling the Baby Boomerang for 1/6 in December 1932. Baby’s were then offered as give-a-ways in 1934 with other products (perhaps excess stock).

The boomerang shaped mouth organs were sold under the banner of De Luxe. Here’s a sketch of the Baby. At some stage there was even a Little Boomerang. I’m lookin’!

“We’re livin’ in a ghost town where even ghosts won’t hang around” sing Good Will Remedy on their new single Ghost Town. A Rockin’ Ripper from the Alternate Country ‘Brissie’ outfit. Thought it was AC/DC at the start. Will from GWR told HRR that, “Ghost Town was one of the first songs written for the latest record… was supposed to be released with a following video to coincide with the Gympie Muster.” Sadly, due to that virus, the ‘Muster’ was cancelled. Out now on all major streaming platforms.

Bill Jackson has just dropped another single off his latest album ‘The Wayside Ballads Vol. 3’ titled Jesus Takes The Wheel. A raw and gritty tune reflecting on life and the human condition. Bill adds a tasty little harp riff to the mix as well. Head over to Bandcamp to purchase.

This author now finds hisself back walking the valley unaided and driving again six weeks after hipop. Woohoo! Speaking of the valley, Benoit has lifted tunes from his new (delayed) seven track album, Valley and posted on his book face. One for each of the seven days of lockdown 6.0. Sadly, like most of the previous lockdowns, it has been extended. They say the worst part of a seven day lockdown is the first six weeks.

A couple of songs recorded for the album that require further production have been held back for better days. Valley is available for pre-order over on Bandcamp. I’ve been reliably informed there is some mouth harp on a couple. My personal favourite is Someday I’ll Find My Way. Reckon it could be the single – Just saying!

Next month’s feature is one not to miss, an interview of sorts with Keith and Graham, the sons of legendary Desmond Bettany (pictured left of his trio).

Des was a Changi survivor, an amazing artist and an exceptional harmonica exponent. His introduction to the harmonica world is a tale for the ages.

Look what Mark Weber from Germany has found at the Klingenthal Museum! A Boomerang Chromorgan, with that button like the one we found advertised in the late twenties/early thirties. Mark, an expert on all things chromatic, told HRR that, “the slider seems to be a cylinder on top of the slider button and can be pushed to move the slider. I find this to be a great idea. Strange that it was not added to any other chromatic.” Refer to A Perfect Organ to refresh your memory and check out Mark’s blog Chromhistory.

Brother-in-law Mal sent this photo through (couple of weeks ago) from a display window of a closed (that day) antiques store in Warbie (Warburton). A Crackajack Cadet is/was there if you’re interested.

Just a bit of housekeeping. A photo of Sutton’s of Ballarat from 1902 added to Trump The Mouth Organ. Also an interesting photograph of a Boomerang De Luxe at the Klingenthal Museum courtesy of Mark Weber affixed to My Boomerang Did Come Back.

Cheers EssDawg

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