Triller Thriller

I’d often wondered about this mouth organ named the Triller that was referenced to in a 1899 W H Paling’s advertisement. Just recently Mark Weber discovered it in a job lot and bought it. It just might be the only one in existence. Interestingly the trilling effect is provided by a slider button identical to my Up To Date Chromatically Tuned of the same vintage made by Hohner. You can check out more on the Triller at Mark’s wonderful site here Chromhistory.

The Triller had me pondering once more on the Boshter Shake sold by Allan’s of Melbourne in 1907. I have a feeling the tremolo effect was sourced by a sliding mouthpiece attachment that moved when you shook your head side to side.

The Boshter Shake “The Mouth Organ is so fitted that the player can produce a wonderful tremolo effect sure to become a favourite.” (Allan’s – December 1907) The name Boshter was trademarked by C H Weiss of Trossingen in 1906. Boshter, like its counterparts Bonzer and Bosker, means bloody good.

Two new recordings worth your aural pleasure. The first is a single release by the well travelled Chris O (Okunbar), who is based in Tassie, titled Whiskey, Blues & Coffee. Gotta luv the title and the tune is just as good. Purchase on that good music platform Bandcamp. The other is from good mate of HRR the legendary Matt Taylor. Matt has another Ozindigo album release named Excited. An examination of human values and where the truth lies is pertinent to these selection of songs. My pick of the pack (and not just because of the delectable harp) is Two Steps Forward – give it a spin. Available from Matt’s store here Ozindigo.

Speaking of Matt. A second edition of his informative biography Matt Taylor – I Remember When I Was Young is out now at all good and bad book stores. Matt revealed his tale to Phil Riseborough and Toby Burrows. The new edition is chock full of coloured photographs and a forward by the late Michael Gudinski. Available in both hard and soft covers. But there’s more – included is a 20 track Matt Taylor compilation CD consisting of tracks selected by Matt. Copies can be picked up at High Voltage Publishing.

One has been and gone and the other has a few to come. The Kevin Borich Express is on the road again and is appearing at a location near you. They’re in our neck of the woods (a few ‘k’s’ away from our abode) at an old haunt of theirs the Burvale Hotel in Nunawading on the 20th May at 8pm. For a gig in your neighbourhood check his web page KB. Steve (Williams) and Gary (Young) have teamed up with double bass player Andy (Scott) and formed IT’S GAS (acronym of christian name initials) to perform some of Gary’s new material and a few old Daddy Cool favourites. Their first gig was at of all places a Pizza Cafe (CC’s) in the beautiful town of Warburton. Steve had his harps, but he was also on hand displaying lead guitar skills (channeling his inner Ross Hannaford) on many of the tunes. Sadly the patrons had some catching up to do and at times the trio were just in the way. They did however join in on the classic DC hit Come Back Again (I’m just crazy ’bout you babe). Onwards and upwards for the boys.

Big Stork News. Benoit and his lovely wife Jess have created a trio with the addition of a bouncing boy Mackenzie. Mac arrived into the universe on the 22nd of March and weighed in at 3.8kg. A future singer songwriter in the making and a new album from Benoit is not too far away either. Keep an eye out for it – it’s hotter than a firecracker.

Ch EssDawg

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