45 Revolutions #2 – Jail Jonah’s Daughter

This months 45 Revolutions is Russell Morris’ ‘Jail Jonah’s Daughter’ from 1971. It was the flip side to the incredible ‘Sweet Sweet Love’ which peaked at number six on the National Go Set Charts. Both tunes were lifted from Rusty’s debut album ‘Bloodstone’.

Well it was Sunday morning about seven to eight
And the church gate was closed as it locked the way
A sign done in red conveyed the evil message to me
Well I got the old horse and rode him on down
To the courthouse there in the centre of town
Where the people were all callin’ for the Parson
And his woman Jimeal

They sang jail Jonah’s daughter
The woman had tried to stone her
The men had tried to own her
Get out yeah, get out and be gone

Three tasty little harmonica riffs on a ‘D’ harp are blown at the end of each line of the verse. Matt Taylor (pictured-no it’s not Jesus) from the band Chain is pushing the air in and out of the gob iron. If you want to know more about Matt just put him in the search engine below. Here’s the tasty riffs.

Ch EssDawg

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