Shortfellow Serenade – Short Snort (Organ) #3

“Hurrah” they Roared

(Sydney Daily Telegraph, 31st March 1936)

Gotta Know Your Audience

🤏 & 🥊

Happy new month and Autumn Raffers.

One thought on “Shortfellow Serenade – Short Snort (Organ) #3

  1. Great story. Never been locked in after work before! Hospitals are open 24/7. Mind you. Weather conditions meant I couldn’t get home a couple of times where rural country roads are problems. I had to stay overnight. Spooky places old hospitals. Walking down empty corridors towards the old part of the hospital where there are now vacated rooms that were once small single and four bedders. That’s where you could get some sleep away from the ward. ‘Watch out for the Grey Lady’, accompanied by a sinister nurse laugh, doesn’t help though. And many had spotted her. 😳 All the best.

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