The Big One (Pictorial #1)

770 notes (8 feet long) demonstrated in Michigan, Detroit 1932
Left – 320 notes (41 inches long) designed for duets on display Michigan Illinois 1938 and Right – Ah ha! That’s what’s going on. A Blue Bird (F A Bohm) built for two.
1938 – Two more sharing a Blue Bird (F A Bohm)
The Multichords shared theirs and Charlie (McCoy) had one .
Charlie loved the big one so much they featured on many an album cover.
Matt (Taylor) had one and the Ol’ Dawg briefly had his mitts on one (even made an offer)
Mick Fagen & Continental Robert Susz (Dynamic Hepnotics) had one each!
Alan Glover is custodian of Barry Sandford’s Big Beast.
Sextuplet and a quadruplet.
Five lads can play one.
Left: Here they are in the flesh (The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Saturday 7 May, 1927). Right: And in a Hohner how to play booklet – the caption reads, five youthful devotees in Central Park, New York.

Who are these lads? Can anyone out there add anymore to this story. How did they become the poster boys for a Hohner ‘Big One’?

Left: American George Keating had a large one in his routine in 1928. Right: There’s one in the Hohner float (1923)
Jumbo has one too!


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