What! What! What!

As Neddy Seagoon would exclaim, "What! What! What!" In a previous article (Lip Protector-NFSCD #7) I mentioned a device that was used down under as an aide for learning the mouth organ. The student could practice freely without the advent of any lip issues. In this 1937 advertisement the Glaz-o-phone can only be obtained from … Continue reading What! What! What!

Lip Protector-NFSCD #7

Happy new month Riff Raffers, Now for something completely different number seven. This was advertised mid to late 1930's. Not much to add really, except,"Oh really!" Mick would've loved it well at least liked it, yes he would. (Sydney Morning Herald, 9th July 1938) Ch SD PS: Just in case you were in early on … Continue reading Lip Protector-NFSCD #7