NAWFOS #9 – Top Notch

Today’s blog is brought to you by Paling’s Topnotcher Mouth Organ. For a replay of my monthly Huff’n’Puff radio segment on Peej’s brekky show (on 3MDR Mountain Radio) - click on the radio (starts a wee bit before the two hour mark) or tune in live (sort of – we’re doing it remotely) last Toosday … Continue reading NAWFOS #9 – Top Notch

NAWFOS #5-Maggies

Happy new month Raffers. Cold and wet here, we've had more rain this year than for the whole of 2019. April was the wettest in sixty years. Stay well and don't inject the disinfectant. Now a word from our sponsors-Magpie Mouth Organs and Macrow's. For more on Macrow's check out the Mouth Harp Mimicry article. … Continue reading NAWFOS #5-Maggies

NAWFOS #2-Hess’ Harp

Pinch & punch Raffers. As promised a couple of advertisements from J Hess & Co. The Federal Harp was sold in Australia late in the 19th century from about 1898. It had been trademarked the previous year. The manufacturer Ernst Hess of Klingenthal Saxony had a display at the ‘World Fair’ held in Melbourne, Australia … Continue reading NAWFOS #2-Hess’ Harp

Now A Word From Our Sponsors (NAWFOS) #1-Dinkum Crackajack

Happy New Year Raffers, On the first of each month for twenty twenty we will search the old Australian newspapers for mouth organ advertisements and place them under the banner of Now A Word From Our Sponsors (NAWFOS). #1 is a couple of Crackajack promotions. Enjoy (Fair Dinkum) SD PS: Kerryn Tolhurst has his second gig … Continue reading Now A Word From Our Sponsors (NAWFOS) #1-Dinkum Crackajack