NAWFOS #2-Hess’ Harp

Pinch & punch Raffers.

As promised a couple of advertisements from J Hess & Co. The Federal Harp was sold in Australia late in the 19th century from about 1898. It had been trademarked the previous year. The manufacturer Ernst Hess of Klingenthal Saxony had a display at the ‘World Fair’ held in Melbourne, Australia in 1880. J Hess more than likely had a family connection with Ernst. At some point in time The Federal Harp would become simply the Federal.

And would you believe it John Whiteman has one in his collection.


PS: A few updates to articles from the past, 1925, Chromatically Chromonica Chronologically, Hohner’s Hollandia (Nova) Harp, Kangaroo Hop and Aussie Models-Timeline, in the way of photo’s courtesy of Mark Hand. Thanks mate. Mark uncovered another Hohner Up To Date Chromatically Tuned in Great Britain (no box) and pulled it apart (I couldn’t do this to my baby) and donated it to the Harmonica Museum.

Kerryn Tolhurst’s corker new tune, Top End Of Town is out now on Spotify & iTunes. It features the fabulous husky vocals of Simon Bruce. Here’s link to Spotify .

Next feature article out February 5th entitled By Dickens. Check it out and tell your friends.

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