Musical Fractals

New music Riff Raffers.

Benoit has his debut album Blue Bird pressed and ready for release. This local singer songwriter from The Basin is establishing himself as a new force in the folk scene here in the Dandenongs and beyond. His lyrical imagery encapsulates the brokenness of humankind, but also the beauty of creation. The album is superbly produced and engineered by David Miller from his lofty studio in Mount Dandenong. Many of Benoit’s creative tunes are fleshed out with a little help from his friends.

It kicks off with the catchy, countrified I Thought I Would Always Have It All that has floating slide guitar by Max Lees and heartfelt harmonica from yours truly. Every tunes a corker, however if I’m to nominate some other standouts I would include Familiar Cliche, It’s Unclear Where All This Water Flows (sweet harmonies by Jessica Nabb) and the final tune the upbeat Silver Lining.

Benoit launches this beautifully presented CD (outstanding original artwork by Glynis Kirby) at the Selby Folk Club on the 29th November check out his FB for further details.

Another record for review features one of Australia’s greatest songwriters Kerryn Tolhurst-former Dingoes and Country Radio member, who wrote Aussie classics such as Way Out West, Smooth Sailing, Singing Your Song, Wintersong and Gypsy Queen. He appears on a fabulous release from Belmar Records-‘Belmar Top 10 Vol.6’. His instrumental Down Slide is one of the highlights on the album, it features Kerryn’s expert slide oozing a blues groove and has a wee bit of harp added by Rob Price. Have to say that another instrumental by Jnr. Wheel-Barrow titled Servo Town is a belter and the Pearly Shells do a wonderful bright and breezy arrangement of Hallelujah. Purchase here on Bandcamp.

Kerryn’s been busy as he has also released a single on all good and bad streaming platforms, Beyond Redemption-this should receive some hefty AirPlay on Community Radio. Kerryn, with band, will be playing gigs under the banner Dingo Radio featuring songs he wrote for The Dingoes and Country Radio. This is a must see for us Dingo and CR tragics. On December 5th Dingo Radio will be performed at the Spotted Mallard in Brunswick, January 5th at the Caravan Club in East Bentleigh, then on February 1st the Newport Bowls Club and then at the fabulous Memo Music Hall in St. Kilda on March 15.

Nice to hear from (all the way from Memphis Tennessee) good friend of HRR, Shea Snow-front man of Driftwood Ramblers an alternative punk blues band. Four patient years have passed since their debut recording, Surviving The Flood Pt.1. Surviving The Flood Part 2 has just hit the airwaves and is also available on Bandcamp. Every tune is a chicken dinner and features Shea’s amplified harp chops. The opener is ready made for radio broadcast and even in its short two and half plus minutes there’s a bass solo, lead solo and a harp solo. Check out Whiskey, Wine & Gin while your at it, there’s a tasty harp riff.


PS: A couple of updates to the post Aussie Timeline. A new find the Bosker and an addition to the Topnotcher range, the Amateur’s Harp. Have a bit of a peek at the HRR Soundcloud a new Riff Hits & Bits, Mandu’s We Ran Across The Sky from 1974 which has the inimitable Jim Conway blowing exquisite harp. Oh, and by the way I have picked up a bargain buy a Chromorgan (with box) for my humble collection of Oz harps.

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