War Blues (Pictorial #2)

Life on transport for Aussie soldiers 1917 (HMAT Euripides) – Mouth Organ Band
Mouth Organ at the Front (British trench) – 1918
The 42 Battalion at Yeppoon enjoying the humble harp – 9th May 1940
Boys of the 2nd A.I.F strike up a mew song – February 3rd 1940
Left: Gunner Fred Tonge serenades Aussie Actress Margaret Vyner (London 1940) . Right: Laban Chuter #354 13th Battalion NSW saved by his bible (some soldiers have been protected by their mouth organ) 1916.

In Memory

Dad (Jim SHEPPARD) playing euphonium at a service in New Guinea.
Pte. 2444 Charles Henry Sheppard (Grandfather wounded in battle at Mouquet Farm)

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4 thoughts on “War Blues (Pictorial #2)

  1. Always find your uploads interesting. It is fantastic your Dad played an instrument too. I often wonder if generations picking up and playing instruments was either genetic or influenced by listening to the parents or grandparents. My grandad was an amazing natural drummer apparently who never followed his dream. He was at a theatre, when a really young lad, and the drummer let him play on the kit. The reaction was a firm positive. The drummer was impressed. My grandad had rhythm in his bones and always sang. A lot of vinyl existed in my grandad and nan’s places. They moved so many times we all lost count! My two brothers (guitar and drums) played too. Interesting if your own musical family have genetic bones or were influenced by your Dad playing. Great photographs. All the best.

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    1. Thanks Gray for your positivity. Grew up listening to Mum’s Frankie Laine (also Bill Haley) & Dad’s Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (also Salvo &other Brass Bands). Funny though my younger brother never displayed any interest in playing an instrument, but he did have quite a few Bee Gees records. Enjoying your blog and your amazing range of artistic skills. In the process of moving after living in the hills for twenty years and raising a family. Off to the seaside which will be better for my health. All the best to you mate. Have a good one. 🎺

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      1. My Mum loved Frankie Laine too. Albums mainly. But also Gene Vincent, Maureen Evans, Elvis and loads of other singles in a box too numerous to mention of individual artists. Dad had Bob Dylan and Joan Baez albums mainly. My younger sister never played an instrument either. My brother Steve just bought one of those new Gibson guitars that are all singing all dancing. Plays like acoustics, banjos, harp, etc. Also different makes of guitar. A Rickenbacker, Fender, etc. sound from a switch of buttons. He uses a Helix system too. My younger brother Kev was killed in an accident at 21. He was an absolutely amazing drummer. Me and him (bass and drums) felt good. Intricate instrument choice? Me? Nah. Technophobe. Simplicity is an acoustic. My artistic skills are very limited to be honest. But thanks for the lift. Much appreciated. I feel I am just playing at stuff. You’ll love the beach. We can be seafront in ten minutes in the car. Those negative ions blowing off the sea will give you a massive lift. I found a complete mindset moving here near the coast. Still got the hills and lakes up back too though. But it’s the sea that rocks the senses. All the best to you too. Have a great weekend.

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