Fräulein’s Fancy-NFSCD #8

Pinch & Punch. Time for a new NFSCD and a happy birthday to my equine friends. This month we see a mysterious letter placed in a brand new mouth organ box arriving at the wrong destination. I'm putting it out there that Gerda's surname may mean she's related to the Herolds of Meinel-Herold, however it … Continue reading Fräulein’s Fancy-NFSCD #8

Lip Protector-NFSCD #7

Happy new month Riff Raffers, Now for something completely different number seven. This was advertised mid to late 1930's. Not much to add really, except,"Oh really!" Mick would've loved it well at least liked it, yes he would. (Sydney Morning Herald, 9th July 1938) Ch SD PS: Just in case you were in early on … Continue reading Lip Protector-NFSCD #7

NFSCD#5-Snake Charming

 Happy new month Riff Raffers, Next time you see one try playing the pocket harp, but there's no need to go any further they will go their own way (you can call it just another lonely day). It is a myth that snakes cannot hear. They don't have eardrums, but possess inner ears which detect … Continue reading NFSCD#5-Snake Charming

NFSCD #3- Down Under

Hi there Riff Raffers, Now for something completely different number three. ( He Plays His Harmonica On The Harbour Bed Maritime Services Board diver Bill Lamb plays a harmonica while standing on the bottom of Sydney Harbour. He developed this curious habit to amuse himself during idle moments and claims that he is the only … Continue reading NFSCD #3- Down Under

NFSCD #2-Horsin’ Around

G'day Riff Raffers, Here's a story about how the humble harmonica improved a racehorses temperament and with it his performance, aided by a coffee or two. (Brisbane Telegraph, 21st January, 1950) (Brisbane Truth, 3rd December, 1950) Piccolo Pete having admitted his guilt, of sorts, said his conscience was clear. He accepted the stewards findings and … Continue reading NFSCD #2-Horsin’ Around

Now For Something Completely Different #1-Amplification

Happy New Year Riff Raffers and now for something completely different. This year on the first of each month I will feature a short article(s) under the banner of, ‘Now For Something Completely Different’. It will be a little quirky while honouring the history of the mouth organ in Australia and beyond. Our first ‘NFSCD’ (for … Continue reading Now For Something Completely Different #1-Amplification