Cartoons & Caricatures #12 – Whoop Whoop

The Whoop Whoop School Band

Reading from left to right: On the ladder, taking a top note, Charlie Cheapnut, mouth organ; Franz O. Mehod, Euphonium and Snake; Dough Nutt, Esq. (conductor); Chris Cross, solo mouth organ; Tim Pippin, solo soprano tin whistle; Bob Marino, solo concertina; Freddy Turnipseed, big drum and cymbals; Tom Tootle, flute; sitting down with fingers in his ears, Henry Mul Berry, of Come-By-Chance, a friend of the school; Sooner, the dog, jazz howler.

Rabbit(s) Rabbit(s) Rabbit(s) 🐇 🐇 🐇. Happy new month of riffin & raffin’ Riff Raffers.

Exit stage left harmonicats and cartoons & caricatures.

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