Jack Junior

Couldn’t help myself. Another one for the collection. No tin (above featured) or box (below – could make my own) and a little worse for wear, but less than a lobster. I have the top shelf model, the Artist (same World Master design) in a nice clean original box and now a Junior. You know I’m a Crackajack man (nobody knows or understands) they’re from my hometown Melbourne, via F A Rauner of Klingental Germany of course.

I’m chuffed to have received Tony Eyers’ second album for review. It’s been an aeon since the release of his debut – eighteen years to be exact. Having indicated earlier that my hometown is Melbourne, I also have strong ties with the Emerald Isle through my paternal Grandfather Charles Henry (Paddy) Sheppard, who hailed from the lovely seaside town of Killough in Downpatrick. An album of Irish harmonica then is pretty bloody craic. Tony has had these tunes in his kit bag for sometime and now they’re documented in fine style. I love the Temperance Reel and it was nice to see it in the mix. I have added it to my repertoire thanks to Tony’s help and his Major Cross harmonica (see Tony’s Cross for information on the harp).

Tony’s liner notes detail his motives for the new album, “O’Carolan was a blind 18th Century itinerant Irish harpist, whose tunes are still widely played. While influenced by baroque composers, his style was unique….I included two O’Carolan tracks in my earlier release, many folk liked these the best. So this new album has six O’Carolan tracks, and bears his name. I’ve always been deeply touched by his music, along with countless others since his tunes first appeared in the 18th century.” My favourites (they’re all good) funnily enough are the traditional (non O’Carolan) tunes. Hang around for the last tune it’s a beauty Elzick’s Farewell a nineteenth-century fiddle tune. His Major Cross harp certainly helps with fluency when playing the reels and jigs, but a craftsman is still required and Tony fits the bill perfectly. Head over to the best streaming and download platform Bandcamp where you can also pick up a physical copy. I’m certain you’ll be inspired.

I have a backlog of articles, in main, due to our extensive time in lockdowns and I need to clear them. I will publish one a day next week. Look out for: Besses’ Beatles; Dyer ‘ere; Gypsys, Gotz & Beers; Busker Buttons; Western Providence; Seydel’s Bob Each Way and Robbo’s Lauder Melodies. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

New additions to several sections. Check it out at Aussie Arps. If you missed this month’s feature here’s a link back to Harpin’ Ringside.

Sorry Riff Raffers I lied about last month’s Huff’n’Puff on 3MDRthe sounds of summer. Under pressure from host and Ren, I succumbed. A compromise was made and we just had the highly popular NTRBSS (Name that riff before Shep sings) segment – a phone in of sorts. This particular riff was Chug-a-Lug by Roger Miller. I would’ve also accepted as a correct answer Plucka Duck theme from Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

Laurie from Anglesea thought it was the Sesame Street theme. And yeah it does sound like it! Tune in on the last Tuesday of every month at 8am for a bit of Huff’n’Puff. This months is easy and even Peej will know it. There’ll be no Shep singing in high falsetto (Yay!). Yeah, that’s a clue.

And then there was a box ….. thought I could make my own!


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2 thoughts on “Jack Junior

  1. Enjoy your web site but could use a few hints as to meaning of the following. 1.What are torpedo punts? I may have an idea! 2. You got me when I read about “red and white like footy jumpers 3. fair dinkum Aussie Rocky and 4. What is a ten hole can?
    Enjoyed the boxing bits. My father was a boxer a Sax a phone and harmonica player His Name was Harry. Sure would like a copy of the Harmonica Harry leaflet. Warm Regards Harley Carin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Harland, thanks for your comment. I would have thought Crocodile Dundee would have educated you on Australian vernacular or at least Paul Hogan would have. Torpedo punts relates to a an AFL football kick that spirals in its flight just like a NFL punters kick. Red & White Footy jumpers relate to tops worn by the local football club you call them jerseys I think. In those days they were made from wool and would get quite heavy on wet days. Nowadays they are made from a synthetic material. Aussie Rocky just relates to the movie Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone, where it’s a rags to riches tale of boxer Rocky Balboa. The 10 hole tin can is my instrument of choice – a rather irreverent term for the diatonic mouth organ. Not my leaflet, but keep an eye out on eBay. Cheers Shep


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