A recent addition to the Shep collection, the Hohner Echophone attachment. This is the Bakelite version that was sold in Aussie Music Emporiums after WWII. An article is in production as I type.

Love this album from expat, banana bender Michael Brinkworth, who is currently based in Berlin. Michael’s tunes have a defining ambience sourced cleverly from their instrumentation. This is clearly evidenced by his moody harp lines.

Personal faves are Liguria, Pub Singers Lament, Force Of Nature and One More Time. Head over to ‘Bandcamp’ for a wee bit of aural pleasure.

Latest single release from Blake Dantier is an absolute cracker. Last Call is an uptempo, honky tonkin ditty that is flavoured with some local saloon harmonica.

Blake has a debut album on the way and if the singles are anything go by it’s sure to be a winner. Check it out on all good and bad streaming platforms.

Thanks to Matt Taylor for sending through the lyrics to his fantastic song Two Steps Forward from his latest release OzIndigo Excited. This was reviewed last month and the album can be purchased from Matt’s website store. Opposite is one of the choruses – love that it is in his hand writing.

(Photo’s P & P Sheppard)

Just thought I’d show you our COVID time-line, while on our daily stroll by the creek – via the ever changing Popular Poplar Tree. It still stands even after our recent catastrophic windstorm.

Cheers EssDawg

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