Vale Peter Green

Vale Peter Green (born Peter Allen Greenbaum, 29 October 1946 – 25 July 2020)

Sad to hear the news that all time great guitarist, songwriter and harpist Peter Green passed away today. As listeners to my former radio program would testify he often featured with my favourite tune of all time The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Prong Crown). There’s no harp on it, but we did put our own on with a bit of fifth position harp. Those ditties with harp that received airplay included, Lemon Squeezer, Long Grey Mare, Looking For Somebody and Rambling Pony all from his band, Fleetwood Mac. There were also songs spun from his ‘The Robert Johnson Songbook’ album.

Pete wasn’t noted for his harp work, but he did have a feel for playing blues licks. However, he was noted for his tunes, Black Magic Woman, Oh Well and Albatross and his majestic guitar playing. He replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers in 1965. John stated that when Eric left he told the band he had someone better. Peter left Fleetwood Mac due to illness in 1972 (he founded the band in 1967) and he dispensed all his money as this was the root of all evil. He would re-emerge in 1992 with the help of friends to form the fabulous Peter Green Splinter Group.

Here’s Peter Green’s harp solo from Looking For Somebody.

Ch EssDawg

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