Grizzlee Remedy

Hey Riff Raffers,

A couple of reviews, an update, an ANZAC article and why not, an Easter story.

Couple of mighty fine tunes just released. ‘Grizzlee Train’, a blues rock based duo from the Central Coast Of NSW have ‘Shakin‘ an uptempo single with a nice hook and a sing-a-long chant, ‘Hey Ho’. “I’m shakin’ and I don’t know why”. Josh Dufficy, drummer and harmonica player, blows a John Fogerty sounding riff a minute and a half into the tune.

Queensland country rock outfit ‘Good Will Remedy’ an emerging force in the Australian music scene have an extended play for release on May 10. A follow up to the 2018 album ‘Silver Lined’ which has a wee bit of harp on the popular track ‘My Angel’. No gob iron on the first single ‘Caroline‘ taken from the ‘EP’, but it’s a grand rockin’ ditty that espouses their song writing talents. “Am I wastin’ my time on sweet talkin’ wine.” A second single ‘Juanita’ is out tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow when Christians honour the sacrifice Jesus made for mankind-here’s a verse from Psalm 71 that supports George ‘Harmonica’ Smith’s claim the harmonica is one of the earliest instruments.

22 I will indeed praise you with the harp; I will praise your faithfulness my God. On my harp I will play hymns to you, the Holy One of Israel. (Good News Bible)

When George was admonished for his claim with this wasn’t a harmonica, but a stringed instrument, his blunt reply was, “Don’t believe that shit.”

Also with ANZAC day almost upon us here’s an item from the archive outlining how the mouth organ defeated the Germans in WWII.

img_2500(The Argus, 26th January 1946)


PS: There is an update to the Gene Jimae story-a couple of new quotes. NFSCD #4 is not far away and too the feature article for May, which will help your vamping. Keep your ears on Soundcloud for a gun Aussie Rock harpist. Off to the studio to lay a harp riff for a local performer-more news to come.

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