Umina Blue-Jack’s Back

Hey there Riff Raffers,

New music out now at all good and bad record stores. Firstly an album from riff raffer, Jack Derwin. The lead single and title track ‘Umina Blue’ is a high quality tune that displays Jack’s signature laid back, soulful groove and his masterful skills as a songwriter and musician. There wouldn’t be a winters night by the open fire with a single malt in hand that Jack Derwin music wouldn’t complete the trifecta. Umina is a seaside town on the central coast of New South Wales and it’s aboriginal derivation means a place of rest or sleep. If you haven’t checked out Jack Derwin before, do so now. Here’s a video promotional link to the album ‘Umina’. Purchase at CD

Six piece country-folk outfit, ‘The Grasscutters’ debut release ‘First Cut’ is available on Bandcamp. Some tasty harp from John Wayne Melville. Check out their interpretation of Paul Kelly’s ‘Sydney From A 747’.

Good friends of HRR, Canberra duo, ‘The Barren Spinsters’ newest rocking single, ‘West Of Happiness’ reveals the lads are at the top of their game. Brendon and Matt are putting the final touches on their album as I write and Brendon assures me the tin sandwich will feature. Out on Bandcamp and there’s an interesting video as well.

A few more worthy of a listen is ‘The Black Sorrows’ twenty first album ‘Citizen John’. The single ‘Wednesday’s Child’ is a cracker. Brisbane’s ‘Dave Orr Band’ has their debut album, ‘As Soon As I Know’. Brian Cadd explores his Americana connection with the LP ‘Silver City’. Glenn Shorrock has a new take on ‘It’s A Long Way There’ from his forthcoming release and Kim Churchill has a newbie. Personally I hope he can find his way back to his original mojo. Nice enough tune though.

There’s a few new uploads I’ve put out as well. Mr. Eagle Rock, Ross Andrew Wilson’s nineties Rock outfit ‘Raw’ (with sticker) and the tune Mind F**k’ (language warning). On Soundcloud-Mike Rudd explains a harp technique he uses and as a follow up here’s Kim Churchill using it as well. Lastly there’s an update on a post here. An update on the ‘Up To Date’ harmonica thanks to Pat Missin once more. Here’s the link to the Dawg Blawg .


PS: Not many sleeps before NFSCD #3 is posted!

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