Matt’s Catalyst

Hello Riff Raffers,

A new world opens to explore, when who you are is no longer forgotten.” (Matt Taylor)

Matt Taylor still has stories to share. His latest solo album is brush stroked with indigo pigment. The colour between blue and purple. Here’s what Matt says, When Ozblues ventures into new territory, I call the music Ozindigo. The blues is still there, but it’s ceased to be what most people would recognise as Blues. Ozindigo grew out of Ozblues just as Ozblues grew out of Mother Blues…….Some people say indigo doesn’t exist. That adds a bit of mystery. Maybe Ozindigo doesn’t either. That suits me fine.”

Matt excogitates on humankind and it’s values with ancient wisdom. The albums’ ‘rootsy’ but not so bluesy. There’s very little production, it’s pretty raw, but the essence is there with all the essential ingredients. Matt’s vocals are as strong and as good as ever. The harmonica pushes nicely to the vocals and several are intensely melodic. One such is the second tune, ‘Forgotten’. It is well structured with a lovely hook and a great harp riff. I’ve uploaded a ‘Harmonica Riff Hits & Bits’ featuring the tune hear here ‘Forgotten’. Get out your ‘D’ harp once more and blow along. The opening track is a cracker, ‘Red Hot Moon’ and ‘Southern Stars’ and ‘Different Kind’ all receive honourable mentions for their superb riffs.

Matt doesn’t do many gigs these days, he’s no Spring Hill chicken, (although he has one at the Caravan Club here in Melbourne on Saturday 1st December), so if your after more here it is, on CD, ‘Ozindigo Catalyst’. Not out now at any type of record store, it’s only available at Matt’s web store. Support the great man as he has given us so much. The Lord will come in ‘Judgement’ to see if we go up or down.

Cheers & Frothies SD

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