Riding On

Hey there Riff Raffers,

Three new releases with the ‘Blues Burger’ as the feature. Out now!

Firstly by James Harmon on a Muddy Waters’ cover by Billy Gibbons, ‘Standing Around Cryingfrom his album ‘Big Bad Blues’ on Concorde records. On the album Billy let’s rip with a bit of harp as well.


BC694F7B-58DA-4E9E-9C40-FD51B1DD0FFAWe have Kiwi born, Melbourne residing Matt Joe Gow with ‘Ride On’ from his album, ‘ Break, Rattle & Roll’ due out at all good and bad record stores on the 5th October. Nice harp intro leading into a so, so start, but then it takes off. Give it a good listen.

Seasick Steve has another tune from his new album, ‘Can U Cook’, ‘Sun On My Face’ with Mickey Raphael blowing his distinguishable mouth harp. See earlier blog for another tune with Mickey and more information about the album.

Enjoy SD

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